FXO Gateway

FXO Gateways can connect the device to an outside telephone line and help you with Failed Overpair or Failure Downgrading in case of Internet outage or Network interruptions.In order to be able to access more than one POTS line an FXO gate may be installed; the usual configuration of these gates is 1, 2, 4, 8 ports.

FXO Gateway

In case of internet failure or network crash, an FXO Gateway connects your devices to external phone lines and supports either Failover or Fallback. An FXO gateway may be implemented for access to several POTS lines; the gateways usually have one, two, four, and eight-port configurations.

Browse favorite brands like Mediatrix, Patton, Audiocodes, and Adtran. Supported protocols include SIP, PSTN, H.323, and ISDN.

 FXO Gateways keep local calls local for businesses with more than one office. FXO gateways can use local landlines of your remote, out of state locations to eliminate long distance charges when connected to a centralised PBX in the main office.

All of our FXO Gateways carry a standard manufacturer’s warranty, are supported by our in-house team of VoIP Gateway experts, and are compliant with most VoIP protocols and codecs. This force gives a great deal of value to top rated FXO gateway VoIPs that can connect with the PSTN, which maintains its position in today’s telecommunications world.

Key Features

Answer Detection
Attack Alert
Backup and Restore
Call Back
Call Detail Records
Caller ID Display
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