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GSM Gateway

VoIP GSM Gateway, companies can directly route calls between IP, digital, analog, and GSM networks. This technology, also known as fixed cellular terminals, can help businesses save money on telephony expenses, particularly on calls from IP to GSM.

Why GSM Gateway?

Having a telephone is now an essential aspect of any workplace and its employees. As telephone communication is widely used in business, it is important to consider its cost. To avoid high bills, it is wise to think about savings, especially when making thousands of calls per month. One way to achieve this is by using GSM Gateways, which can lower communication costs based on the various tariff plans offered by different providers.

How does it works?

Types of GSM

Dinstar Gateway

OpenVox Gateway

Synway Gateway

OpenVox Gateway

OpenVox Gateway

OpenVox Gateway


4 ports for communication over a SIP-to-cellular connection
SMS Sending and Receiving Support USSD service
Send Bulk SMS
SMS to E-mail
SIM Balance Alarm
Caller ID Black List
Call Duration Limitation for particular SIM
Call Back
Call Now Button