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Hosted Avatar Dialer

Avatar dialer can handle either inbound or outbound calls. This guarantees a higher sales rate and lower downtime for each

Avatar dialer can handle either inbound or outbound calls. This guarantees a higher sales rate and lower downtime for each

Avatar Dialer software
Avatar Dialer software

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Hoasted Avatar Dialer

Avatar Dialer is a state-of-the-art Call Center product, Avatar can expand your profit potential with one simple call. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features make Avatar dialer call centers, agents, Team Lead, and managers easy. This is ideal for small to medium-sized call centers as it meets the essential requirements for efficient operation.

The addition of Integrated Avatar enhances its multi-functionality, allowing for multiple campaigns to be managed more efficiently by the CRM system. The Avatar Dialer is capable of both inbound and outbound calls, ensuring a higher success rate for sales and reduced downtime for each call. All calls are recorded (including transfers) for quality monitoring purposes. Sales are reported in real-time to evaluate sales trends

Avatar Dialer

It helps to boost your revenue to its maximum. It reduces the complexity, allowing our Avatar dialer agents to instantly master your telemarketing and generate live transfers or pledges and send them to your sales closers or fulfillment house. Therefore Cloudsdial takes pride in offering this impeccably Avatar Dialer to our call center clients to ease their burden in further giving professional services
We Cloudsdial have an Excellent Support Team. Our Support team consists of Software engineers, Application developers, network admin, and Voice Engineers. Our avatar dialer dedicated Support team always keeps an eye on your system to make sure you are making the best productivity using our dialer. You can reach us 24/7 by Phone, Skype, and Email.
Without any investment of time or capital, with one simple phone call, you can scale from 10 to hundreds of agents on a week-to-week agreement. We take all of the risk and you make all of the profit or activities
We have been working in such a fantastic way that we can set up any campaigns along with all the recordings hardly in a few hours which makes your work easier within a fraction of a second.
Avatar Dialer software

Cloud Predictive Dialer

With the predictive dialing feature of our Dialer, calls are made automatically, allowing users to easily make and receive numerous calls. In addition, users can check on agents' performance and activities through the agent status boards. Furthermore, the system includes a database of recorded calls for easy access.

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